Winter project done - Titan/Nuvinci on USX trike

Discussion in 'Motorized Trikes' started by cgbjake, Apr 6, 2009.

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    Well, I got it done. After obsessing over the winter with this, I've completed it. I'm a little disappointed with the performance, I was expecting a little more speed. With soft tires I've gotten 31 MPH out of it. I'd like to see 40 so I don't have to have the throttle wide open the hole time to cruise at 25-30, thats fast enough for me. I tried putting air in the tires, we'll see how that goes. We are expected to get 2 inches of snow tonight so I'll have to wait until Wednesday. Here are a few pictures. I tried to document a lot of the specifics, I'll post them later. Does anyone know where to post a journal of the project besides here? Hope you enjoy and get more ideas off of it, I've gotten so many off of what I've read here and other sites. Who has the next good idea? :idea:

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  2. eastwoodo4

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    nice bike.
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    Goblin, Goblin, where are you Goblin?

    Looking for GoblinAero...would like to compare thoughts. Your trike is the closest that I've found on here and gave me a lot of ideas for mine. Are you still lurking around here?
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    It looks like you've got lots of low end power. Maybe try a bigger sprocket on the output shaft? I'm running a bit more power than you, but I'd think you should be able to cruise at 35 with the correct gearing.

    Nice build.
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    that things got nice take off careful looks like youde be hard to see.
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    hi cbj jake,

    that trike turned out to be a beauty congrats on the build,

    and as for goblin, holy smoke have you seen his site lately, he has some serious stuff going on, i think his time with us was a short one !!!!!
  8. cgbjake

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    WOW, Goblin has some serious buisness. I wish I could do R&D like that. After cruising 40 miles in less than warm weather, I'd love one of those. Even a home made plexi glass would help.

    I'm thinking there is considerable power loss with the Nuvinci hub. I can't get above 32 with pumped up tires. I know I'm a big guy, 210 lbs, but I thought it would get a little more than that. Any idea of the calculated power loss?
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    hi jawnn,

    you get what you pay for, right !!! what else to expect from a $600 trike,considering the good quailty starts at around $2000 + .. just sticking up for the delta ax i have electric and honda engine and many happy hours of cruizing around.

    have you surfed around much yet, clearance issues are going to be your biggest problem underneath most of the available kits are designed to be mounted of the rear of the trike and probably the easiest route for you although you would have to reconfigure your storage......
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    no time to surf ... library comp[utert...not time to even correct spelling
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    cgbjake--your USX Trike w/Titan&Nuvinchi has got to be the slickest looking conversion I've seen yet. I especially like the snazzy diamond plate, it really adds that little something extra. I'm riding a a Trailmate Meteor (21 speed). Do you (or anyone else) think this same sort of setup would work on mine? I'd welcome any comments.
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    Tell me what your drive ratios are from crank to NV from NV to rear wheel,size of wheel,size&hp of engine,max rpm then I can look into your gearing.Also weight of trike+rider,Inclines to negotiate?. what percentage.Then I'll be in a position to give you advice about your transmission ratio.
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  14. Goat Herder

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    I love the way that Nuvinchi hub got used very cool! Nice cover too! Any more picts of the bike?