winter riders. got lower leg protection recommendations?

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    I've been trying to figure out how to keep my feet and shins warm during January and February.

    I have boots that were made for extreme cold, but under about 15 deg F the feet still get kinda cold. and no matter how I tuck in and fasten down my pant cuffs, they still work loose. this causes a spot where that wind can get in and chill me right in the shin.

    I wear hard-shelled knee pads. They keep the knees from freezing. So I've begun to think about the shin guards that hockey goalies use. If I remember right, that'll cover knee to ankle. Add boot covers and I'll bet you've got a good setup.

    But it's likely to cost $100.00 or so. I'll do it if I have to, but I keep wondering if something can be done with common household items.

    any ideas?

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    Try milsurp garters, I recommend sportsman's guide:

    You can also try finding something at U.S. Cavalry:

    Or Brigade Quartermasters:

    Years ago I got these leather garters that really worked well for ankle protection, if a little warm for walking around.
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    Thanks Seamus,

    That's just what the doctor ordered.

    I'm gonna have to get a pair.
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    You are a better man than I, sir

    I have not motorbiked in 15F temps, but I have bicycled in those temps. Bicycling you kind of make your own heat and its more of an issue not to get too hot.

    You might try fleece pants under nylon pants, get them oversize so they fit over the boots. You could stuff a piece of cardboard up each pant leg. As far as cold air getting in to the opening between boots and pants, get taller boots, longer pants, and socks that go up the calf.

    I got one of these this winter, it is very nice. This morning I wore long johns under the union suit, a pair of pants and hooded sweater, and did not need a coat at all while shoveling the driveway.
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    electric socks

    Bass Pro has electric socks that are battery operated. 2 D cells. That might help?
  7. I recommend SPF 15 sunblock. But then again I live in Tucson.