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Nov 4, 2006
Pittsburg, Ks.
My buddy just opened his own bike shop recently. (He's been a bike mechanic for the last 5 years or so. He races downhill bikes and is a crazy %#&*@>#* on his bike. Local police watched him jump his bike off a 1 story, city owned building and wanted to arrest him.....for anyway...I was at his shop today. He had a studded bike tire. During our snow storm, a couple weeks ago, he put a bunch of wood screws through a fat knobby tire. Lined the tire with an old tube & put it on the back of his downhill bike. He said you had to try real hard to lose control.
that's all I got.....
That's cool. I've had visions of creating a winter specific motor bike: Beater MTB frame, single speed (low gearing), flatbars, simple and industrial fenders, homemade studded tires, ect. I love riding (and driving) in the snow and ice, and I think it'd be tons of fun to rip down an ice covered road, bits of snow and ice flying off everywhere....
I'd probably be more motivated to get something like this together if Indiana still had snowy winters (like every one I've experienced since 1983). We've had tons of rain this year, but also irregularly high temperatures (just like the rest of this planet :)
There are factory made snow tires for mouuntain bikes. The ones I know are made in Finland but can be purchased in the USA. My son made a snow bike years ago from a stingray frame. He removed the front wheel and mounted a cut down ski to the front fork and made tirechains for the rear wheel. I have also heard of Ice bikes where you replace the front wheel with a iceskate and use a studded tire or regular tire with chains on the rear wheel. icebike picture links:
cool...always wondered about snow chains on a bike.
Kenda makes studded snow tires...$65.00 ouch! & I like kenda tires!
Yeah, that price is why homemade sounds cool. If i'm just gonna have fun in the snow and beat myself and the bike up, I want cheap. They also sell 700c studded tires too though.
Here is a site that sells conversions for motorcycles. Be careful, there is an auto video w/ sound that pops up:
srdavo said:
He said you had to try real hard to lose control.

stg, that's exactly what i used to say about my '68 javelin in the snow...studded retread snow tires all 'round :LOL:

the reason i wear mtb tires now is because of the wet winters...last week i went to the dr's office (approx 2.5mi) in horizontal rain, 40mph gusts. full rainsuit (columbia ibex, it rocks, it covers my helmet even), plenty of led's, and clean ended way too soon :devilish:

after getting to know my bike like i do, i would gladly put studded tires on her & pray for snow 8)
This isn't a bicycle but I thought this tire was impressive when I saw it at the Justice Brothers racing museum in California recently. It's on a Jawa ice racer.

98_studded_tire_1.jpg'd ya like to fall down in a race and get run over by that thing?