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    I have been thinking about what I want to do as a "Winter tune up" to my MAB. If anyone has any other suggestions or ideas for what they plan on doing, please reply. Here's my list, both must-do's and might-do's:

    For sure:

    True both wheels

    Clean rims and check for brake noise afterwards - replace pads if necessary

    Align Staton drive chain better (it's slightly mis-aligned)

    Tighten up second muffler mounting - possibly braze or tape it on

    Figure better bag securing method

    Clean and lubricate bike, chain, and cables

    Adjust front and rear derailleurs - replace rear cable if needed

    Clean and lube air filter


    Replace kill switch - I had to rebuild it once and it's not as positive as it was when new.

    These next 3 go together I think and would contribute greatly to increased comfort. Since my bike is an older Trek, it uses the older style (threaded) headset, so a bunch of changes would likely be necessary.

    Look into changing over to suspension forks

    Look into changing over to higher handlebars - the leaned over moutain bike bars and getting a little old.

    Look into disk brake conversion - Apparently I can only do a FRONT conversion with the normal Staton chain drive kit according to Staton.

    Your thoughts or suggestions welcome,

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