Winterize your bikes.

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    As many of you are aware we here in the US have arrived at winter. There are many of you that won't ride your bike for some time. My suggestion is much like your vehicles and anti freeze...don't forget your bike. Only winterizing needed to be done if not ridden and a full tank burned out (which I wouldn't do) is to stabilize your fuel. This is especially needed with fuel mixed with oil. Coming up on winter and not knowing my periods of non riding, I added a stabilizer to my gas mixture. By doing so can elevate headaches in the future. Straight gas (ethanol is another issue) has a shelf life of a year. Gas mixed with oil has a much shorter shelf life due to varnish deposits. So in saying this I recommend that you stabilize your's so cheap. 1 ounce will stabilize 2.5 gallons of fuel for most brands. Drain your fuel from your tank back into your gas can. Mix the proper amount of stabilizer needed and refill tank. Start engine and run long enough to burn the un-stabilized fuel in the carburetor. This can be done a number of ways. You can start engine, turn the fuel off and run till it quits, then open fuel and start engine and run for about a minute. Another is to drain tank and carburetor bowl. Add stabilized fuel to tank and start and run for about a minute. In the future stabilize your fuel mid to late fall depending on how much you ride. If one doesn't burn a full tank of fuel every month (Sta-Bil says 60 days) I'd stabilize 2 cycles all year long.

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    I add stabilizer and a little bit of mystery oil to all my mixed gas. All I have to do to my small engines is clean filters and clean/change spark plugs.