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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by cigron, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. cigron

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    On A earlier thread while asking for help A with
    repair. I should mentioned im useing amsoil at 50 to1.After haveing the cylinder off and checking it out the cylinder and piston. they were as
    slippery as wet ice and their was good layer of oil on the
    fly wheel.I will be going to 100 to 1 after seeing that.

  2. Please keep us posted when the engine locks when you go to 100:1 . I know Amsoil is awesome but I really don't think your engine will hold up at 100:1 . Hey, just a thought, why not stay at 50:1 and hope your engine lasts twice as long?
  3. Dilly Bar Rob

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    100 to 1 may be a bit on the sparse side for something intended to run at 20 to 1.

    With a good oil it's totally possible that you wont lock the thing up at that ratio, piston to cylinder sealing on the other hand is a totally different question.

    Are the tolerances in your engine tight enough to ensure good compression with a 100 to 1 ratio?

    There is a few threads about oil ratios on here, clicky on that search button....
  4. Esteban

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    I agree that 100-1 is too little oil. Even $$ Amsoil is still cheap when you consider the total amount used. 50-1 is where I would stay. A little extar oil is much cheaper than a new engine, even a cheap Chinese engine.
    Years ago, Johnson/Evinrude made a great small outboard that was suggested to use 100-1. I had one & it ran great like that, almost no smoke, clean plugs, & I loved it. I was notified of failures & the company suggested switching to 50-1.
  5. happycheapskate

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    You can get a big jar of Echo 50-1 at Home Depot for about $10.
  6. Pablo

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    Actually Amsoil recommends these engines run at 50:1, even with Saber Pro, which is the 100:1 oil. (Amsoil was the first, in the 1970's)

    I can say I have seen folks run fine all day at 100:1, but why? 80:1 works OK in these monsters.

    Plus we all know the ONLY that is any good at 100:1 is Opti2.:tt1::jester::dunce:
  7. cigron

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    I just had and barrel off to replace A striped stud. And it did not look
    good you could feel the oil on the barrel and piston but it was minimal.
    I would have liked to feel more oil. I will be going back to 50-1
  8. Crobo

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    rather than start a new thread i figured here would be a good place to ask, i know the manual for the bike says 250 miles for break in but i have no clue about how far i have gone. i have put about a full gallon of 16:1 through it and it sat with the gas in it for a good week while we got some nasty rain. but is a full tank along enough for break in?

    im pretty sure the next tank i get i will mix 20:1 and slowly back it down to 32, then stop at 40:1.
  9. Dilly Bar Rob

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    I think most here run about 2 tanks of 16:1 before they go to 20:1. My first two MB's I did that way. I forgot about this on my last bike and just dumped in 20:1 that I run in the other bikes, and lo and behold the bike runs just fine. I think if you don't push the engine to it's limits when it's new even 20:1 should be fine, it's not like it's that much less oil then 16:1. 20:1 is where I stay, personally I don't see any reason to use less oil then that as i have never had any plug fouling even at this ratio. We used to have a saying (translation, sorry if it sounds weird in english..): "He who lubes good, goes. He who doesn't lube goes too, but not for long"...I stick to this whenever mixing gas for a 2 stroke :grin5:
  10. happycheapskate

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    Oil it or push it!

    CROBO, hi and welcome. You can buy a Schwinn Bicycle Computer for about $10 at Walmart in the bicycle section. I have 2 and they work on motored bikes with no electrical interference from the engine. It is a red cyclo-computer with 2 buttons. The wheel magnet doesn't even require a screwdriver to install, and it comes with all the zipties needed to install, and a battery. $10!

    Just ride 4 tanks of break in fuel, constantly varying your speed, and don't use motor oil. Use something like PowerCare Home Depot weedeater oil, at 20:1, or 32:1, at the very least 40:1.
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  11. happycheapskate

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    Never use HOMELITE weeder oil in ANYTHING, even homelite weeders. I burned up one about 4 years ago, using the recommended oil and mix. The warranty people refused to cover it, so I tore it down and looked. The red oil gummed up the carburetor and filters, and left heavy deposits in the muffler.
  12. Crobo

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    yeah i have a bell speedo but its been acting up and thuss i havnt been using it that much.

    i used 2 stroke oil from the gas station near me, not sure about the make but it was blue and i haven't seen or felt and bad effects on the engine as of yet at 16:1 ive run about a gallon through it so far. i think the next 1 gal tank i mix will be 20:1 and ill stick there for 2 tanks then down to 32;1 and ill stick there. its not to smokey and i dont seem to be 4stroking and there's no gunky stuff coming outta my muffler so i think the mix is about right.

    as of now my rear wheel needs serous attention and i need to alter my bike chain break for use on a 415 so i can shorten this chain and stop re adjusting my tensioner every 2 miles hehe
  13. cigron

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    Crobo if you want to get A good speedometer. Go to www.nashbar.com
    I have A cateye cycle computer.Stay away from the wireless.
    They don`t work well with I motor bike.
  14. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    re: heavy motor bicycle chains.
    Visit thread here:
    subject industrial chains from Tractor Supply/Ace Hdwr compared to the 415 monster chain.