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  1. blue

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    i was wondering how to wire up my 70cc 2 stroke bike engine.
    there is a white ,black and blue wire coming out of the engine
    there is a blue and black wire coming out of the coil
    and there is a red and black wire coming out of the kill switch on the throttle
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  2. Al.Fisherman

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    Magneto, blue, black and a white wire..cut off or cap off the white wire. Re solder the blue wire for a positive connection.

    CDI (coil) Connect the the blue wire to the blue wire from magneto, connect the black wire to the black magneto wire.

    Now start up engine..when started then you can connect the kill switch, as some are DOA from factory.

    Kill switch...don't be concerned with wire color..connect one wire to the CDI-Magneto blue wires, and the remaining kill switch wire connects to the black CD-Magneto wire.

    Change both the spark plug wire and boot with a good grade wire, and change to a NGK spark plug or the like. Plug wire from a ole lawnmower or a lawnmower repair.
  3. blue

    blue New Member

    thanks heaps :D
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