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    Second post re this bike. Now I have a picture. Started working on wiring. this bike is in rough shape. Somebody cut nearly all the wiring off the bike. Head light wires are cut off right at the switch. Off/on switch and wires are gone. Tail light & wires gone to.
    Here's my ? s:
    -what gauge is the wire? looks like 20 or 22
    -whats that box for under the frame behind the gas tank? I was going to hide
    I was going to hide some wiring stuff in there
    I have another on/off switch so I can fix that. Looks like I may have to start right inside the switch and solder in new wires. Thats going to be a tight fit.
    Ok one more ? and I'll quit for now - What does the exhaust pipe bracket/tab look like? Its broken off of the pipe. Thanks for any and all help.

    4 out of 3 people have trouble with math.

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  2. Mike Notigan

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    Hi Jroyse,
    I'm a relative newbie myself here.....and own a 2008 NER Whizzer which is a little bit different animal, so I defer to owners of WC1's and folks like Quenton. This thread would be more widely read if it was in the Whizzer section, I think.....

    Can't answer all your questions cause I don't have the answers and am not going to steer you out to left field with some half baked answer! Anyway, the box is for the 12 volt battery that supplies the juice to power the light and horn........... Looks like if you are missing the battery, then most likely you are missing the battery cover (easily found on Ebay and the bolts that hold it in place..... Not sure if the air cleaner assembly is removed for the picture......at any rate, the NE-5 style air cleaner with the Quenton Guenther crankcase vent is a must for this model bike, versus the WC1 air cleaner that routes crankcase air into the air cleaner assemby and promptly clogging the filter with oil.....

    Last year I was able to purchase a copy of the Whizzer dealer service manual from Debbie at Whizzer USA. I HIGHLY recommend this manual for you......the manual was written for the WC1 model Whizzer, of which your's is. In this service manual is a clear and concise electrical wiring diagram of your machine. If they are unable to come through for you with a copy of this manual, PM me with your address and I'd be more then happy to have a copy of mine made and sent off to you.

    The Whizzer USA website has a breakdown of parts for this bike in their online parts catalog. I don't know what they stock for it, though.....I believe seeing your exhaust pipe there....possibly someone can post a pic of their WC1 exhaust set up......if not, I'm sure with all of the pics already posted here in past posts, there must be a a photo of your exhaust pipe bracket and tab.

    And again, Quenton is always around, willing to render assistance as requested!

    This bike looks to be a Whizzer knock off, possibly Cruzzer? I'm not seeing the Whizzer trademark name cast on the crankcase side cover. The WC1 cylinder, in particular, the valve seats are problematic AT BEST and will require significant work. Again, I have to steer you towards Mr Guenther for this fix....Either way, you should have a nice bike when the wiring is put back together........and all the required modifications are made.

    As a final note, the Whizzer Newsletter is a must have for the Whizzer owner. Quentons' article, in this months newsletter, on the 1999 Whizzer crankcase mod is a must read...... I've owned my NER for over 3 years now and did without the newsletter......after subscribing and buying 2 years worth of back issues, I now realize how much info is available in that little publication. Well worth the price of admission!

    Take Care,
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    I own a '99 WC-1 and offer my condolences. Mine has been on life support since I purchased it and though many of its design and component defects have been fixed, it still has marginal brakes, a poorly designed slip-belt clutch, and forks that leak and flex excessively above 30 MPH. Nevertheless, there are many things you can do to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. First, as mentioned above, the jug will have to be replaced, otherwise the valve seats will start floating after a couple hundred miles. Second, you can easily remove the intake restrictors and muffler baffle to allow the engine to breathe properly. The 19mm carb came with a #80 main jet which is too large making your engine run too rich at 3/4 or higher throttle. You will need to change to a #78 jet. The original air cleaner will work fine if you remove the crankcase vent hose and plug the connection on the back of the air cleaner plate. Add a longer hose to the top of the crankcase vent filter and run it behind the engine next to the carb overflow tube. Once the engine is broken in, your will have minimal oil blown out of the vent if you use straight 40 wt oil. You can remove the compression release plate and add an o-ring to the back of the shaft to eliminate the eminent oil leak where the shaft goes through the plate. I added thorn proof tubes to help the crappy origianal tires. Finally, I added a rear axle stand to allow stationary pedal starts. All of these fixes will make your WC-1 more serviceable once you repair the wiring. Provide you email address and I will send a wiring diagram. By the way, your bike will run fine from the magneto without a battery. The headlight and tail light will work from the magneto as well, but the horn and brake light will not. You can purchase a battery from Batteries Plus. I hope this is helpful. Good luck.

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    Thanks for the great response. Yes I now have a WC1 manual on the way. The paper work I received with the bike says a stage one up-grade kit was added. Have no idea what that is. I hope it was a cylinder change. I'll have to hook up a better breather as it now has a little hose hanging from the breather. Wiring is a real mess. I have cut away all the junk wires and house wire type twist caps. I'll do the wiring first. I copied a diagram off the site here but its really hard to read so I'll try another one. email is "jroyse06@comcast.net". Next will be the carb- needs cleaning and thanks for the info on the jets. I have the Whizzer emblems that were on the tank.
    Is there any way to tell if the cylinder has been changed?
    I'll keep the progress posted here.
    Thanks again
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    Sounds like the motor has made it's way to Ralph Westman, having Stage 1 done. Ralph is Woodstock Whizzer works.

    Here's his web site www.woodstockwhizzer.com. there is info of stage 1, what was all done.

    I also have a 99 Whizzer. Welcome to Whizzer! or should i say get ready!


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    after studying the wiring I discovered I'm missing a lot of components, even the light from the speedo. Some nut case really stripped this bike. No regulator, AC/DC relay, all brake switches, main switch, battery, tail light. Anything there I must have? Bike runs now without all that, but I would like to replace what I can.
    Still need to know how to check the cylinder to see if its original or not. I don't think its the the Woodstock. The upgrade option was purchased from the original selling dealer for $48.00.
    thanks to all
  7. Mike Notigan

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    I wonder if your bike was a modified Fullerton Harley/Whizzer.....

    My memory is not totally clear on this, but there was a fellow by the name of Brian Scott who modified Whizzer WC-1's at the Fullerton (CA) Harley Davidson shops. I remember this site well......the bikes featured custom paint jobs, exhaust pipes, seats, bobbed fenders or apehanger handlebars........if the customer could dream it, Brian could do it. I seem to recall that he modified the engines, too, and I seem to recall Stage 1, 2, etc.. Again, if memory serves me, the years 99 or 2000 or so is when I recall stumbling upon his website for these bikes. I kind of wonder if you have one of those Whizzer of Fullerton Brian Scott modified Whizzers? If so, you may have a somewhat rare, "collectible" modern era Whizzer motorbike, if ever there was one!

    The Woodstock Whizzerworks cylinder barrel is cast iron so that should be easy enough to determine if it is iron or aluminum. I cannot tell you if Fullerton Whizzer utilized the Ralph Westman cylinder barrel.

    And just my opinion in that it would be proper to install the entire electrical system as designed for your Whizzer. Parts for the later NE-5/NER including wiring harnesses/lights (front and tail) are still available on Ebay from the Taiwan vendor. A call to Whizzer USA is recommended, too.

    Take Care,
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    cylinder is aluminum so its not one of the rare ones. I could never get that lucky. The up grade was purchased for the dealer here in the Detroit area.. I should have mentioned that. I'll look for the Taiwan guy on ebay. I'm waiting for an order from Whizzer but its been 2 weeks and I still don't have it. Man, they are slow.I now have the wiring nearly complete. Even the bulb in the headlight is missing. I just don't get why someone would strip off so many things.
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    Joe Lin, the Whizzer Taiwan vendor also has an interesting website
    here: http://wc1manufacturer.wordpress.com/category/wc1-kits-concourse/.
    Sorry to hear the slow response from WhizzerUSA in getting parts.

    I personally have found the Whizzer forum here at Motoredbikes invaluable. The stickies written up by Quenton alone are worth their weight in gold. So many issues with the WC1 cylinder and stated by Mason-Man, Scootmeister and Quenton Guenther over the years. Quenton has been working on a means of securing the valve seats in the WC1 cylinder in order to save the hundreds of those cylinders on the road and in garages.....The latest issue of the Whizzer Newsletter has an article written by Quenton on the crankcase breather and how to improve upon the marginal original design......

    You are going to find by reading the posts that the Whizzer charging system is borderline functionable. It sounds like the previous owner(s) weren't armed with the knowledge required to keep this system operable, so they simply scrapped it. I believe in these Whizzer postings you will find info that the stator coil mounting plate has had a history of backing off it's retaining screws with bad results.......a check by removing the flywheel and applying loctite to the stator base plate retaining screws is required.

    As I said.......so many variables to check, tighten, replace, loctite, check and tighten. When all is said and done you will have a neat little machine.

    Take Care,