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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ty151, Jul 9, 2009.

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    I have searched around a little and cant seem to find exactly what i need.

    Im about to wire up my RAW 80cc kit and this is what I have:

    From killswitch: Green, Yellow
    From engine: Black, Turquiose, White
    From CDI: Black, Blue

    Now im pretty sure from what I have read is that:

    1. Black from engine goes to Black from CDI
    2. Turquiose from engine goes to Blue from CDI
    3. White is capped off and not used unless for lighting, etc.

    I just dont know what exactly to do with the two wires from the killswitch. The green has a loop on the end which seems to be the ground, which means i can either screw it into the frame somewhere or mount to engine? Which is better??

    And the yellow from the killswitch has me stumped, where does this go? Its yellow with a red stripe. Thanks in advance

  2. the white from engine goes to the kill switch yellow with red stripe.
    the black wire from the kill switch grounds to bike frame,engine mount,muffler bolt,or black wire on engine