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    Putting 2 stroke kit in, first one, only have a black and a blue coming from motor. Should be a white also, says so in book that came with it. I took off the cover and its not in there. My book says to hook up kill switch to ground green to frame and run the other wire to the white from motor. Since there is no white wire for some reason which wire would red/yellow from kill switch go to?

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    It seems the newest kits come without the white wire. Count your blessings, the were nothing but trouble.Connect the yellow to blue, and black to black. A better alternative (and a lot easier on the coil) is to wire in a toggle switch. Those kill buttons have a history of failures and are hard on the mag coil. One other tip; seal everything up watertight. Moisture is the biggest enemy of the mag coil.
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    There are 2 schools of thought, one ... Ground one kill button wire, second wire goes to blue mag wire. This shorts mag to case. The other way is to wire kill button so it shunts current away from mag CDI box = no spark The latter is a cleaner approach, as it requires no ground wire to engine.
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    Most magnetos have two windings, the primary blue and an auxiliary white wire.
    Both are tied to a common motor ground.

    Shorting the Aux white wire kills the motor by magnetic resistance in the mag stalling the motor at idle, this is why you don't want to use the white wire for powering anything.

    Shorting the Primary blue wire robs the CDI of power and creates magnetic resistance in the mag and no spark.

    Or you can simply put a switch in series with the Primary blue wire, just open the switch and no power to the CDI and no stress on the mag.

    I cut all 3 wires off at the mag and run some better wire to the CDI, tie the kill button there, then top it off with a little plastic hobby box.

    On some I put a keyswitch in the that plastic box which works as a spark cut-off as mentioned and disables the bike from starting.

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