Wiring session

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by williamsk1936@yahoo.com, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Keith Williams I had a pretty good wiring session. I have been planning my wiring schematic and routing to go to sleep. Works great. I am adding all the safety equipment. The horn button is going to work the stoplight. Beats arm signals. The turn signal switch on the horn/lights/turn switch will get it's feed from a flasher switch in the saddlebag. It is only $1.79 with free shipping so I have reservations. If it doesn't do as I hope, will get a TI NE-555 timing bug and set my on and off dwells with capacitors and resistors. The little 4-diode headlight for $11.95 is incredible. My big maintenance-free battery from my used-to-be 1100 Honda ACE Tourer is secured to the inner wall of the left bag with eyebolts and a bungee cord that came with the rear carrier rack.