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    If you have incandescent bulbs, that flasher should work fine. It will not work with LEDs.

    All you need to do is run a positive line to one terminal of the flasher, and then a line out the other terminal to supply the signals. It does not matter which terminal is which.

    With the one positive wire, get a 2 way switch (on-off-on). Run the positive wire to the middle terminal on the two way switch. Then run a line off of each side terminal to the appropriate turn signal and in one terminal thereof. One thing, be advised that the switch may supply power to the terminal on the opposite side of the bottom of the switch, but testing will show that.

    Then from each turn signal, you run a wire from the other terminal back to the negative. The negatives can all be tied together.

    If you are running front and rear tun signals, just run another positive line from the switch to the bulb and another negative back (parrallel). Do not wire them from one bulb to the next (series) or your bulbs will be pulling half the volts, it may not trigger the flasher, and it will be dim.

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    It does say it works with LEDs. How do you tell if it will or will not work?
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    I tried a 552 flasher with 2 1157 LEDs- did not work.

    Normally a car has more than 2 bulbs on a circuit, so maybe with more it would work. Other than trying it, I don;t knoe of a reliable way. I just bought a universal motorcycle flasher for LEDs from Superbrightleds.com