Wisconsin biking laws

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    During breakfast with two buddies this am, our conversation turned to Wi. laws on motored bicycles. We were overheard by a man at another table who challenged what I was saying. Luckily I had my laptop along with lots of info on it, including exact copies of the state statutes. I also had the gear ratio calculator on there so we showed him that even in the highest gear on my bike, I was still under 30 mph. He said that I'd still get a ticket because I had gears, and over 50cc engine. I pointed out that the top limit by statute is 130cc, and there is not a word in there about gears or automatic trannies unless its a type 1 motorcycle..a completely different animal. Other people got into the discussion about then and it became a very lively breakfast. He left in an angry manner but at least he's a bit better educated now. Other's in the restaruant were very interested and impressed that I had all the pertinent information with me. That was accidental, I had the laptop along to share some other stuff with my buddies. Best breakfast I had all week!
    I'm going to print all that stuff out to carry with me on my bike when I get to ride again. A foot of snow and 30mph winds today, won't be riding for sure.

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    Hahaha...don't you LOVE it when you prove people wrong? Your laws up there are more lenient than ours here in IL....but at least we have SOME legality now with the law that passed this year.