Wisconsin Registration?

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    I havn't contacted the DMV yet.. i live in Wisconsin. I ordered my motor... it's 80cc and it's in the mail.

    i think i read somewhere that i just need to get a moped sticker or do i actually have to register my motorized bicycle and get a license plate?

    thanks for any help!

  2. solitus3989

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    Hi there! I'm in Eau Claire, and when I checked the DMV website it stated that if you are 49cc and under you do not have to register as a moped. Search under moped and motor bicycle for the rules. Note that for a moped registration you will need ALL the safety stuff like lights, horn, turn signals, etc. If you keep the pedals on and it looks like a 49cc engine then maybe...shhhhhhh...
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    Hey Solitus

    Well first build for me here but " I " am taking the " no blood no foul " approach to WIDMV laws concerning motorized bikes ( IE I haven't been able to find anything other than " electric assist wheelchairs............. mopeds .......... Well here is this for ya to chew on.......... It is 39 miles by car on paved state and US highway .......... 27 miles on rail to trail............. AND no where have I been able to find the R & R's on trails........ go figure. Don't figure me for an anal pore . but I am just as ****ed about " what is legal and what is not,,,,,,,, and oh yeah ......... did anyone get arrested for driving a horse drunk ? OK I will shut up now .......... thanks for the rant

    Ya Hey Der