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  1. solitus3989

    solitus3989 Member

    How many people here are actually from Wisconsin?

    I saw maybe two posts when i searched Wisconsin.

    Im from the Green Bay area, but i go to school in the Kenosha/Racine area.

    Living in Milwaukee for the summer.

    Anyone from the area?

  2. xbeerd

    xbeerd New Member

    Hi dude,

    Im from Milwaukee. i know this is an old post but thought i'd give wi some exposure :)

    You still in the area?
  3. solitus3989

    solitus3989 Member

    Im still going to school at UW-Parkside between Racine and Kenosha!
  4. MarksA-C

    MarksA-C New Member

    West Allis area here!
  5. xbeerd

    xbeerd New Member

    do you guys get any **** from the coppers riding your bikes around milwaukee area?
  6. MarksA-C

    MarksA-C New Member

    I can't really say that I have, as my working bike right now doesn't really get driven except for tractor/vintage machine shows. When I was driving the one I put together for my neighbor I wasn't ever stopped, and I passed many police.
  7. xbeerd

    xbeerd New Member

    thats good to hear. i havent passed any police yet, usually i take the bike from my place near 27th and howard to my parents place out in muskego by muskego lakes country club, nice straight shot down loomis... but making the left turn off of howard or edgerton to loomis is scary when the light turns red and your in the center of the intersection yet. haha.:dunce:
  8. Lovelypain23

    Lovelypain23 New Member

    Here in Milwuakee

    Hi everyone. I also live in the state of Wisconsin.
  9. Donavan321

    Donavan321 Member

    I'm from Appleton, I was born in oshkosh and moved around a bit, Iola, Waupaca, and ultimately Appleton. Any other residents in Appleton interested in riding, let me know, I like riding with others.