Tires Witch tire last longer Kevlar or wire bead

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    Witch tire last longer Kevlar or wire bead
    I know the Kevlar are lighter and easier to put on
    but I do not care about the weight and or putting them on, just about how long they last.
    From what I have read both have excellent flat prevention, and yes I know nothing is 100%
    I will also be adding self sealing tubes as well. My tire size 28"
    Using a 4 stroke chain kit
    Thanks for your input
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  2. TobiasKilroy

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    Bumping for answers.

    I have the same question.
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    the bead doesn't have anything to do with how durable the tire is, but wire bead is in theory less likely to roll off the rim. 28 inch is sort of an odd size so I don't know any specific tires that are good in that size, but be on the look out for anything made by Maxxis, Cheng Shin, Michelin, or Continental