Wont idle and bogs and stops when clutch is popped

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Jason Keeler, May 21, 2015.

  1. Jason Keeler

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    I have an 80cc stock Skyhawk that I just bought from a guy on craigslist. he told me the engine was new but the carb wasn't, and the clutch just needed adjusting. the engine doesn't seem new to me as I have built one new and had none of these problems and it was already mounted and scratched up. So I can get the bike to start, but it wont idle and bogs down like it has no power when I pop the clutch. It will sometimes stay running and you can feel Some pull but barely and it will jerks as if it wants to die. The throttle has very little response (I can put it full throttle and it takes like 30 seconds just to get up to a higher rpm which still doesn't seem as high as it can be) The idle screw seems to do pretty much nothing to help this. I have checked to make sure the carb and float were set up correctly and it is. I have replaced the fuel filter thinking maybe it wasn't getting enough gas and that didn't work, so I switched out the entire carb with one my friend had from his bike that he said would work and it acts like nothing is different. went and got brand new plug and gapped it to specifications. I have adjusted the clutch and made sure it was fully engaging and disengaging and it is. there is no blockage in the fuel line or tank. at first I was riding (barely) with his fuel mixture just to limp it home, but have drained it and put in the recommended break in mixture and it was having oil come out of the exhaust so I put just a little more regular gas in my tank to change the mix a little and that has stopped but it doesn't run any differently. I have checked the air filter for clogs and nothing seems wrong there. the choke seems to be operating ok. Not sure what else to do and Im getting frustrated watching videos. Please help here guys.

  2. Jason Keeler

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    well im getting it to stay runnin when clutch popped but barely. it still wants to **** as if its going to die and still acts like its going to stop if I don't help it even when already going.
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    I'd first loosen the muffler a bit and see if it runs better - it may be clogged

    if that doesn't help, then I'd run it more until I was sure no oil is seeping out at head gasket or along case seams, or near the crank seals
  4. Jason Keeler

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    It was the muffler clogged, guess its not new...lol Thanks guys, looking forward to more projects.