Engine Trouble Won't rev high enough?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by p4cm4n, Jun 14, 2016.

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    so a few weeks ago I put together my build from some years ago.

    Many thanks to SBP, specifically Jim for all his help. He personally emailed me with answers to all my dumb questions.

    Now I think I have some engine problems.

    My mixture is 40:1. My idle is what I consider perfect. My plug is a pretty close to perfect if not perfect color, after much fidgeting. My engine is a 66cc on a cruiser bike, 7 speed with a SBP shift kit. Now that I've adjusted and perfected things like my rear dérailleur and brakes and started moving, I can't get a decent speed.

    I'm 230lbs give or take, I haven't been hauling a load behind me. Going from gear 1 on the bike, (don't have tooth specs with me now, can get them later) I hover about 18 miles an hour. Going up each individual gear, I only gain about 1-1.5 miles per hour, occasionally 2. By 7th gear, I top out at 29.

    If I don't sit on the bike, prop it up, and use WOT to spin the tire, you can really feel that two stroke vibration on my pre-balanced crank. But while on it, very comfortable ride...no vibration really considering..just can't get any speed or anything.

    Any ideas of things to look at?

  2. p4cm4n

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    Oh yeah, to throw it in there, it's a b6hs plug with 93 octane fuel, gumout brand (sheetz) oil, a 2011 skyhawk, and the standard setup from SBP sprocket wise
  3. jaguar

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    Have you
    -replaced that shitty stock air filter?
    -used sandpaper on glass to plane flat your cylinder head to prevent power robbing leaks? (you can also use this method to increase cylinder compression which is a sure fire way of getting more power output. Just start out with a really rough sandpaper to take off a half millimeter from the mating surface.)
    -put an iridium plug on it?
    -used a rotary tool to increase intake port duration by raising the skirt?
    -cleaned the contact area for the stator coils mounting screws which are the ground path for the spark? resistance there reduces spark power which reduces engine power.
  4. crassius

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    at 230lb, that's all some folks get

    with shift kit, many folks see a loss of speed due to extra turning weight in gear system

    if the problem is elsewhere, think in these terms: if motor seems not to rev as high as you'd expect, then your high gear may be too high, try a smaller pedal crank gear - otherwise if engine is reving high enough, you may need a larger pedal crank gear
  5. Thanks

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    jaguar :

    You may have been one of the replies on a previous thread for me - specifically that I cannot get the body of the engine apart. I can get the top of the head off, that is all. Not the cylinder body. I have not done any shaving of size there, however it is flat (I have checked). I may do this.

    The plug is a NGK b5 or b6hs. I think I have both. Haven't tried iridium. I'm going to do a plug chop today most likely and will try to get an iridium to replace after.

    Haven't done anything with the skirt as I can't get inside the body safely.

    The contact area for the stator is mostly clean, some of the magnet looks rusty though. Could this affect it? I tried to get a new coil but couldn't install for some reason as the wholes lined up in a slightly misaligned fashion which concerned me for clearance on all sides.

    And thanks crassius seems I may be too fat I rode this a few years ago when I was about 180-190 and got a fair bit of speed out of it on the standard 44 tooth sprocket. Hoped the shift kit would extend that. Oh well.
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    oh and I have a brand new dellorto clone with low profile air filter.