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    Hey guys,

    I bought a rocksolid engines hp 70cc engine (hi comp head) and it has a sbp shift kit. i finished the build a few days ago i took it for a few rides and it was working fine. My bike is still in run in so i am taking it easy.

    I went for a ride today and it ran like a champ then i came home waited a few hours and then tried to go out for another ride but it wont run. I start it when ride it starts for a few secs and dies, i went around the block trying to get it to work and it ran for like 10 secs and died. Then i tried kicking it over in my garage it will start for a few beats then die (also the hi-comp head makes it hard to kick over)

    So can anyone help me with this problem? Thank You :D

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    Just Fixed it...........hahaha all it was just the idle screw going loose all id did was just tightened it now she runs great
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