Jackshaft Won't start if rear wheel is attached :-(

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  1. I got my bike to start but only when i have it on jack stands with no rear wheel attached. I haven't figured out how to get it to idle with the clutch disengaged yet either but I figured that can wait till after this issue.

    basically with the wheel off, tickle it a bit, adjust choke, give it a tiny bit of throttle and turn it over a few times, then it starts. Though I definitely have to push the peddles a bit harder than some videos I've seen until it's warmed.

    But with the wheel attached, obviously I have to be riding the bike, so I ride it (which is no where near as smooth as it used to be, but that's yet another issue to deal with down the line) and when I've got a decent speed I release the clutch lever but since I have a jackshaft on it, I still have to crank it as if I was stopped, but I figure the speed would help keep it going and not stall it. but it won't start. I don't get it. I don't have any chain left to try it without the jackshaft (my chain breaker broke and I have nothing else that will work).

    Does anyone have any advice on what I may be doing wrong that it won't start. I haven't seen a lot of info about starting with a jackshaft since the turning of the rear wheel won't start the engine.

    I should also mention, I've seen a few people say "you have to keep pedaling hard to get it to start" but I can't peddle with the clutch lever released (is that clutch engaged or disengaged?). It's too hard. I have to stand up on the bike and push down hard to turn it over but I can't just pedal normally (with the spark plug in. If i take it out i probably could lol.

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    What exactly do u have? Pics?