Wont start need help

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    I bought the 66/80c.c bike kit and I mounted it on my bike fine and everything but as soon I put gas in the tank it started rushing out ron the air filter, so I read up and that means the carb was letting to much gas in so I tried to adjust the float and either the card leaks gas or doesn't let any gas into the motor and I think that's why it won't start, and thoughts would be helpful

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    I took the spark plug off and looked in the engine and it looks bone dry so no gas is getting into the engine even though the fuel line is open, something with the carb is messed up and I'm not sure how to fix it
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    The problem is gas isn't flowing into engine, I poured a little in the spark plug hole and tried to start it and it tried to kick in but since it doesn't have a constant flow of gas it wouldn't stay on, I have the gas valve open, I think the float in the carb is the main problem because it's either gas leaks out the carb or air filter and when I mess with the float so it won't fill the carb up and leak out, then no gas flows into the engine even with the prime button