Wont stop acelerating, (not fallen out on top of carb)

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  1. Ieataxolotls

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    Hi everybody,

    I have 2 problems that i need your help about (new 66cc engine)

    1. Engine starts- then acelerates by it self but not to full speed, about about 5kmph , clutch pulled and in it revs high.

    2.I throttle and it goes faster for a bit but dosnt go evenfaster but makes a high reving noise as if the clutch is pulled in when it is not

    Ive built two bikes before and never encountered these problems before (different company 49cc tho)


  2. Ieataxolotls

    Ieataxolotls New Member

    only got problem "2" now, engine revs out at higher speeds? is this clutch slipping?
  3. Ghost0

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    Sounds like that may be your problem. I would first check that you clutch cable is not too tight, in other words that it is not partially pulling the clutch in even though your lever is released. If this is not the case then I would turn the flower nut one notch and see how that does.
  4. Ieataxolotls

    Ieataxolotls New Member

    Thanks for reply , turned the flower nut all they way right to the point that it sticks and still not fixed, it reachs a cerain speed and revs higher And vibrates crazy but no gain in speed, I guess I just need to break it in more.
  5. srdavo

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    How did you solve problem #1 ?
  6. Ieataxolotls

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    When I was zip tying the throttle cable I formed a medium sized loop to make it neater, this somehow made it accelerate. I just undid the loop and let the cable flop out at the front, sorry for the bad grammar i was writing use an ipod.

    Ok every else is ok now but still one problem,

    it works fine but when i throttle to medium speed it vibrates alot and has louder noise as if it was revving but i dont gain any more speed.

    hope you can understand :sweatdrop:
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  7. Sound like ur clutch is slipping.