wood rollers on a bmp type system

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by ratdoggg, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. ratdoggg

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    Any one have an idea as to how to put a wooden roller on the drive of a system
    like the bmp or such..
    in other words how to slide the wood roller onto the 1/2 inch shaft and secure it..?
    I have used wood rollers on other weed wacker set ups and they work pretty good.:dunce:

  2. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    get timber. drill 1/2 hole.

    araldite/epoxy the thing on!

    start her up and spin it, and there you are! it can be its own lathe for trueing the roller :)

    you can always grind, cut or burn the timber off when required ;) really depends on the shaft layout...does it have a thread and nut so it can clamp on the roller? or just straight?

    what timber exactly? and grain orientation? may be better to use, say, a stack of plywood "washers" so to utilize the end grain which i assume would have more grip than using something like a broomstick handle... could be easily cut with a holesaw too.

    now you got me thinking! 90% timber MB! :jester:
  3. ratdoggg

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    The problem is the bearings.. and replacing the roller when needed for wear or to use a different size.
    Need a method like a set screw or clamp?
  4. I would talk to your local machinst on this one. Wood isn't easy to work with ( cracks, splinters)
  5. DeathProof

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    lol they use cheap plastic as rollers today! id take wood anyday if its strong enough to hold up a house its strong enough for me!
  6. BigBlue

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  7. I guess If it's strong enough for your house then its surely strong enough for your bike good point!!!!
  8. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    It isn't worth the effort. I tried wood on a dimension edge f/d and they do not last. Wait till your 20 miles from home and it falls apart on you plus they wear fast. I saw no advantage with wood whatsoever.
  9. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    theres over 30,000 types of wood available...

    balsa wood is nothing like, say, mahogany.

    use the right timber and it would be fine...

    oregon or radiata pine, no way.

    oak, mahogany, rock maple, yes indeedy.

    and theres always that plywood washer idea i mentioned... even soak the lot in resourcinol if youre worried about delamination.

    how about aluminium rollers? they definitely dont work! (for very long)
  10. Happy Valley

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    As they say, YMMV, but I've had great service out of the Dimension Edge rack mounts, even put a couple on for other people who love them. They do use wooden rollers of various sizes (as well as polyvinyl and stone aggregate) but the wood rollers work very well. Wear fast? not really, I get hundreds of miles from them. Nothing fancy in wood is necessary either, they are a consumable but all rollers wear down as well. The great thing is with a stick of lumber and a hole saw I can make replacements for pennies. One attribute of wood I really like it it doesn't conduct anywhere near the amount of heat to bearings and engine crank that steel does, especially when used on hot summer roads.

    This won't help the OP's question but the DE system uses compression with a threaded shafted and lock nut on one end, hence the quick change aspect, takes 2 minutes and one wrench. I can't say what the best way to lock down a wood roller on the slick 1/2" shaft like bmp used but maybe using some kind of spring on each side between the shaft collars and roller would suffice?