Jackshaft Woodruff key keeps popping out of place? FIX!

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Dready180, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. Dready180

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    :eek: How I used a key ringy to secure the woodruff key thingy:

    When I first started riding my motorized bike, my gear immediately disengaged on the first ride. It remained on neutral even after attempts with squeezing and releasing the clutch. I thought I broke the gears:-/. So I opened the clutch compartment, and voila! The little woodruff key was sitting in there. It was sheared a little but still whole. I took out the drive sprocket and put back the key, then the sprocket back in place and tighted it the best I could. When I rode again, the same thing happened, only it took a little longer that time.
    I opened the compartment and there it was again; off the key slot. I realized there was a lot of space between the sprocket and the motor block; and that gave the key enough space to wiggle out of place. Luckily, that key did not jam between the gears...otherwise that would have been another story altogether.
    Then a :idea: moment hit me. I looked around me and found a key ring. I mean a normal house-key ring. It had to be slightly wider in diameter than the drive shaft, just enough to loosely go around both drive shaft and key.
    Since this application, I've not had the same problem. The ring does not get in the way of any motion within this chamber. It's worked for me. Try it out.:D
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  2. jaguar

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    something is really wrong either with the shaft or the primary gear for there to be enough space for that woodruff to fall off.
    Or maybe the nut holding the gear on the shaft is coming off first. Loctite it on.
  3. Dready180

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    Hi Jaguar. I wonder how much heat and shock loctite is able to handle. However, I agree it might help prevent the key from sliding out easily. But maybe only for a while?
  4. Use honda thread locking compound.
  5. gary55

    gary55 Well-Known Member

    A woodruff key keeper key ring. That does have a nice ring to it!
  6. Thread locking compound will keep it from ever moving and will make it unlikely to fail.
  7. Steve Best

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    Threadlocking compound on the woodruff key means you will need to heat the shaft and gear smoking hot to remove them. If everything is machined properly, there should be no need for the threadlocker.

    It is a fix to no problem.

  8. KCvale

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    We are talking about a 2-stroke 48-66cc small gear on the right side correct?
    The first gear from the crankshaft before the gear reduction and clutch?

    The only way any keyway could come out is if that big slot headed screw were not in.
    It is what keeps the sprocket on the shaft AND the keyway in.