Woodruff Key Troubles

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Holly, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Holly

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    I had to walk away from the bike for a few days due to weather and waiting on a woodruff key. Well the sun is out, home from work, woodruff key in hand but...

    This $#%^#@ is not coming off. In fact it's rotating freely clutch engaged or not. (There's a more technical term for that part? My bad.o_O)

    Did I kill something? Or am I just missing something obvious? Help please. I have yet to spend a recreational day riding this bike. A handful of test drives at most.

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  2. crassius

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    you need a hand impact driver to get that slotted bolt out, then the puller from the kit to pull off the gear (if gear is spinning, it may just slide off by hand when bolt is gone)

    note: if crank is spinning, stick a piece of plastic between rotor and armature on other side
  3. Holly

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    I think the crank is spinning, but shouldn't that make the chain move? (Scratch this)

    Your suggestion worked. But after all that effort the key is too big. :(

    Now to send it back and reorder, so next week I'll be back to this thread in sure. :confused:
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  4. One more thing getting that Red Roof Is a little heat from the torch will make the metal expand and contract. Just don't get too hot and turn off the light on I don't know what kind of torch head
  5. crassius

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    one can often file it down a bit to save time in reordering
  6. Holly

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    I'm returning the ones I ordered and I'm going to try to get a store I found that might have them. Sadly is on the other side of town. Boy a bike with a motor would be handy. Lol

    I don't have anything to file the key down with. I definitely considered it though.
  7. Major typos, sorry I'm in the hospital.
    Basically if you heat up a bolt that is stuck it will usually come off much easier. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO ALL, ANYTHING WITH RUBER OR PLASTIC OR MATERIALS THAT WIL MELT ON OR TOO CLOSE IS A VERY BAD IDEA! FOR OBVIOUS REASONS.
  8. Might be easier to buy & or cheaper to purchase a set of files. Nothing fancy like Craftsman. That way you will also add to your tool collection and gain some experience.
    Just a thought. I'm a tool FREAK! I have everything! It's an obsession of mine.
  9. Holly

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    I like tools too. Good idea!

    I hope you are on the mend soon!

    I'm going in next week to have my brain poked. So the bike will be on hold.
  10. I just got home 20 minutes ago. I have to give myself 3 IV's per day FOR the next 2. To. 6 weeks! Atleast I'm not on hospital or rehab. Thanks for well wishes. The same to YOU.
  11. Steve Best

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    Most keys come slightly oversize and take a few swipes of a file or a scuff on sandpaper laying on the table to get to size.
    If it is grossly oversize, something is wrong.