Woods riding?


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Apr 24, 2008
Hey everyone, I'll be getting my 70cc HT tomarrow but first I have a few questions. My friend is also buying a mountain bike in the next week but he will not be motoring it as he thinks it defeats the purpose of the bike.. anyway, once I bolt on this motor will the bike still be able to endure extensive woods trail riding without lots of unwanted noise (ex. the chain rattling), and, will the bike feel and ride alot heavier? The engine will NOT be in use during woods riding but only when I'm riding by myself to and from work. I just don't want to be aggravated by the engine being on the bike when I don't want to use it.




There will be drag when you are pedaling with the motor off. There will be a little noise but not excessive.

You will probably want to turn the motor on whenever you are riding it because it will not pedal as easily as a bike with no motor. It is not so much the weight as it is the drag from the chain turning the clutch/sprocket. You might want to look at a freewheel gear on the wheel, that might improve the drag problem. I think Grubee has them.


Apr 13, 2008
If you are into hardcore stump jumping I would get a dedicated bike for that.

The frame mounted kits are somewhat fragile and your fear of breaking them will interfere with full enjoyment of smashing through the thicket. Putting the top tube down on the gas tank is an inspiring moment, in a not-good way.

When I MTB'd seriously I usually left myself an out of ditching on the left side to protect the derailleurs and stuff. But with chains on both sides the bike is a faberge egg.

If you want to ride with your friend the motor will interfere with your pace. It'll slow you down when it's off and vice versa when it's on.