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    Shame to tell, but 26x1.95 or 2.25 slick or semi-slick tyres don't exist in Israel.

    I am having to use a regular coarse-tread mountain bike tyre which is rapidly disintegrating.

    Are there any companies that ship tyres worldwide?

    Which tyre would you recommend for use with a Staton 7/8" roller?

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    The knobby tires also vibrate a lot... especially with the smaller roller size. :(

    I can personally recommend Continental Town & Country Tires [REI, AEBike] for a friction drive. They're long lasting, (in a desert climate, no less!) have good thorn resistance, and have the slick center portion with inverted tread towards the sides.

    Others have recommended Serfas Drifters, which are very similar in appearance to the Continental T&C.

    Armadillo tires are also commonly recommended. The Armadillo Hemisphere is a good looking, minimal tread tire, which I believe includes Armadillo's built-in sub-tread kevlar thorn barrier. The Armadillo Crossroads also looks as if it would ride well, with minimal vibration.

    Schwalbe Big Apples should be a comfortable ride, and they have a built-in kevlar belt, but, I don't know how well they would hold up in the desert climate. Maybe others would have some experience they could share regarding this.

    REI ships internationally, BTW, as does University Bicycle Center and Alfred E. Bike. I've ordered from both REI and A.E. Bike before, and can recommend them both. (At least, as far as domestic shipments go...)
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    I'll back the recommendation for the continental town and country. Get the 26x2.1. They're excellent tires. My bike felt a lot more stable and comfortable the instant I put them on.
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    The question below asked in an entirely separate thread, Slick vc Semi-Slick

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