Work in progress

Right now I am building a chopper with a 5 hp briggs. The left side will be belt drive and then pass through a bench grinder "jackshaft" to the right side where it will be chain drive back to the 6 gears on the bike. A hand clutch will engage/disengage the belt. I am hoping for it to be very fast. I am almost done welding the frame.


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go fast and Stop!

Just remember that the bike that goes fast also needs to stop!
My bike can do about 80 kph and I run disc brake set up to stop it.
Take care ride hard
"Yes officer it's under 50cc. Look at my sticker!"

You're gonna need to plate that bad boy!

Can't wait to see it thru.
Chopper/5HP/6 gears/chain & belt i gotta see this when it's finished.