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    Well about ready for my third tank of mix,,so I guess I have a few miles on this break in ..grubee starfire 48 gen 2..on a new shwinn del mar..have all hardware blue loctited...Decided to lose the fenders and thos nice whitewalls...instaled some Hemisphere 195s and heavy duty tubes atfer two flats in the first couple of rides..bought a big square seat from wally world,didnt like and took it a cloud 9 seat and a week later a compression seat post.This seat and adjustable springy post is worth every penny,,I ride on a lot of residential brick roads..really hurt with the stock setup but now it is as comfortable as riding a motorcycle...Bought a heavy duty sealed switch and superglued it to the coil top connected it to the blue wire (not white) .kill switch as you guys recomended. Added a front brake.. replaced handelbar stem unit ..the stock one would not tighten up..Wrapped rear wheel spokes with brass wire....thanks toall you guys for all this infomation..Rode and raced motorcycles but thes e little motorbikes are a lot more fun....I AM RIDING THAT THING..not as transportation but for for the pur enjoyment/fun of it every weekend....