worked on my first bike this weekend

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    Well i started working on my first bike this weekend. I found some metal plates from a swather that were broke, so i am using one of the two for the motor mound and the other for parts. Here is a link to the plans.
    I am in college right now so i cant work on it during the weekdays, but i can use the machine shop at the college. so i am making a rod to attach to the clutch on the weedeater. here are some plans for the rod.
    i am about halfway done with the rod so far. im gonna go back and work on it wednesday. I went to lowes yesterday to get some materials for it. but overall the cost of everything so far is $53.71. thanks to my dad for the material he was gonna throw away. i still need to order some bearings though and they cost about 7 bucks each. So if anyone knows of a place to get some bearings that are cheaper than that please let me know. I need them to be 1/2 inside diameter and somewhere around 1" outside diameter.

  2. Very interesting indeed. Looking forward to your build pics.
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    well i worked on it a little more

    Well i worked on the bike a little more last weekend. It should be done in about a week. I will try to get pics toward the end of the week. I finally got some bearings. Cost me 16.55 for 2 of them. so the total cost so far is $70.26. I think about the only other thing that i need to get is some shaft collars, which arent too expensive. Does anyone know of any good kits that are cheap? i just want to compare the cost of building one to the cost of a kit, as i may buy a kit later that is chain driven. Well i just thought that i would keep people updated. My last day of school is wednesday, so i should have alot more time to work on it.