Worked on my new Stingray Chopper this weekend

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by levsmith, Sep 21, 2008.

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    Well i got the stingray chopper and started working on it. The brakes were bad because the kids that had the bike before me i think stood on the back forks and bent the brakes in. so i bent them back and welded them because they were about to brake from bending them, it still doesn't have any brakes because i dont have an extra brake lever but im not going to ride it in town without brakes. I also bought some gasket material for the exhaust but later found out that it wasn't exhaust material. Well before i started it, i decided to check everything and i noticed that the spark plug wire was junk, so i took the spark plug and wire from an old weedeater and put it on. Much higher quality. I also added some cut up rubber boots around the engine mount, to kindof dampen the vibrations. So I started riding it without the exhaust gasket and it was alot of fun, but really loud since it was leaking exhaust noise pretty bad. i also took off the twist throttle that came with the kit because it was also junk and i used a regular brake lever. Some of the things i want to do are get front brakes(i might have to make a brake mount since it doesn't have one), one of the occ exhausts from ebay(if anyone has a used one, i would like to know), saddlebags, maybe a custom tank, and a better seat. Well here are some pictures of it right now. I'll see if i can figure out the picture thing.


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    I know a kid in my neighborhood that has 2 of these, and mentioned motorizing one of them!

    Your bike is inspiring.
    I like how the chain tensioner is setup, and the mounting of your engine.

    Keep us posted, very nice job!
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    Hey thanks. they are really good bikes to motorize except if you are an adult, they seem really small. I think i might buy some different handlebars because i cant pedal with those. my knees hit them. Makes me feel good that all that work is inspiring. thanks. i think the rubber pads really helped. it seems like there is alot less vibration at the high end.
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    Have you tried the extra-length rubber brake pads for high speed mountain bikes?

    I used them on my bike, and my friend's trike, and the stopping difference is amazing, and only about 5 bucks a set. I won't even use regular pads anymore.
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    no i haven't tried them. right now it has no brakes because i dont have another brake lever. im not sure how these are going to work. can you send a link to them in case i want to upgrade later? thanks. I am also thinking about adding some front brakes somehow. oh and i just won a dirt bike twist throttle and cable on ebay for a 7/8 in. handlebar. i'll let you know how that works in a couple weeks when i get back home from college. I'm really excited to find out how good it works. It should be WAY better quality than the what comes in the HT kit. thanks again for the comments.