Working 3 speeb hub at transmision!!!

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by bryanmargolis, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. I've done it I have created the 3 speen hub setup for a schwin cruiser and the 4stroke kit. I changed the front sprocket on the gearbox to a 8 tooth from northern tool. the used a schimano 3 speed hub. I dremeled of the spoke plange on the side without the sprocket "it came off real easy then I used a small sprocket from the cranks on a mountain bike "not sure of the brand but the diameter of the hole in the sprocket is the same size as the hub and welded it on in four spots aroung the hub. I moved my motor all the way to right side and welded a bracket on the frame that resembles the back of a 3 speed frame so the hub mounts the way it was ment to and slides back and forward to adjust the chain the runs from it to the motor. Then ran the normal chain from the hubs orignal sprocket on the hub to the rear wheel witch I use 26" mags with a disc rotor and I bolted my sprocket to the rotor. and boom gears I'll post some pictures a little later.

  2. Irish John

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    I'll wait for the pictures. Hard to understand without visuals but sound interesting. Performance detais are important as well.
  3. I'll be wantin' to see pics too!
  4. kawasaki999

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    Jim at creative engineering is going with a 3 speed hub as a transmision also, but belt driven!

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  5. srdavo

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    Yes ... bryanm... we need to see/know more of this creation.

    LargeFilipino is using a 3-speed wheel on his Titan powered, FWD, worksman trike. he's got some cool video of this trike, shifting.

    RATRODER used a 3-speed set up here:

    I'm using a three speed hub as a jackshaft on my Tadpole trike. so far so good!!
    (more in the Powered Trike section)
  6. Irish John

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    I can't see what is driving the belt but I do see a 3 spd hub tied to a seat tube with a cable tie. I presume it's only a mock-up.
  7. kawasaki999

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    Mock up it is. Pulley for the motor and pulleys for the 3 speed r not made yet. I will post pics when its all done.