Working brake light, no switch

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Huntington, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. Huntington

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    A working LED brake light, no wires needed, no switch to activate the light. Looks like a winning product, just have to wounder if the vibration of a motorbike will interfere with what I assume is a mercury switch. Too bad we cant buy them yet. Maybe one of our vendors can contact them for a test unit??

  2. SirJakesus

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    Looks promising but I like a challenge and a complete 12v power system >:)
    Not sure I would trust the clip with the kind of riding I do on these rough country roads.
  3. HoughMade

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    If it works well, it would be great...but seeing as how I have already built a full lighting's a bit bit late for me.
  4. jbcruisin

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    That light seems okay. very bright. On mine I got a front brake lever with a brake light switch built in.
  5. prof fate

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    Maxxon "WIRELESS" Bike Brake Light!

    Hi everybody. It's been a long winter. I haven't touched my bike or visited here in months.

    I signed up to be emailed when lucidbrakes actually hit the market a several months ago but still no word on a release date. I did find a competitor that has virtually the same product and it is available now.

    Check out "Maxxon WIRELESS Bike Brake Light" on ebay. I ordered one and love it. Ebay has links to youtube to watch the light in several different videos. It's really pretty slick.
    Around 30 bucks for a quick and dirty wireless brake light that installs in seconds? :thinking: It's no brainer. I highly recommend it. :grin5:

    *It does need to be noted that when riding down a hill and applying your brakes to keep from picking up speed, if you maintain a constant speed the brake light will not sense braking and the it will not trigger the light. So it's not perfect but way better than no brake light.
    Isn't fun the best thing to have? Arthur (Dudley Moore)
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  6. AussieSteve

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    If you're only touching the brakes slightly to maintain a constant speed, then you don't really want the brake light to turn on anyway, so it's not that imperfect.
    I'm off to check them out.
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    prof fate, I did a search for 'Maxxon WIRELESS Bike Brake Light', but got 0 results.
    Could you possibly post a link?

    Found it, the search phrase wasn't quite right.
    Here's the link:-
    MAXXON Wireless Bicycle LED Brake Light
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  8. SdCruizer

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    Just installed mine, got it in a week I think from taiwan
    so far it works walking around and looks to have an auto on feature

    anyways im hoping to get a video of it on the bike, I want to see if all my vibrations throw it off or not

    instructions mention battery life

    220 hours flashing
    100 steady
    800 hours day time mode

    if rider forgets to turn it on, it goes to daytime mode automatically
    4 min no movement it shuts off

    can work with rechargeable batteries too aaa size x2

    looks like you have to have it mounted level a certain way and thats it
    came with 3 seat post clamps all sizes and rubber fillers and the 2aaa batteires
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  9. SdCruizer

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    Did 3 videos
    Normal bike test, works fine in driveway
    Static vibration test revving engine, does not activate (this is good)
    Then street riding. Now like I mentioned earlier the light has to be mounted in a certain position. Where I live its nothing but hills

    So I noticed the steep downhill stop the light would come on at the very last minute, im already rolling forward to continue. The few flat stops I had it seemed to work fine.

    It did not seem to come on when I let off throttle, or put in clutch during normal riding ( to me I like that, maybe others may not)

    Im getting a moped plate for my bike, and I need a brake light. This may work good enough. If red light seems to come on when im braking then thats what I want. Since there is no other red light on while im riding it will get more attention when im stopping.

    Videos to come shortly
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  10. SdCruizer

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