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    I have a Gasbike 66cc motor with a SBP pipe and an old NT carb. It seems to be working grate lately, I have good power from 1400 to about 3500. I am running a CDI from another build and for some reason its just turning over like clockwork. I Don't know why its now running so smoothly. The bike probably has about six hours on the new engine.

    Before recently I had it missing and staling. Once it just died and I had to pull over to the side of the road and after a wile I got back on it, pedaled it up to about fifteen miles an hour, popped the clutch and it took right off and kept going. I couldn't make any sense on what was wrong then so now I am suspicious because its working so well.

    I am running about 30 to 1 synthetic oil and its not smoking at all. The only problem I seem to have is when I bring it up to over 3000 RPM it seem a bit "buzzy" . Its got 26 by 1.5 tires that I inflate to about seventy pounds and its has no active suspension, So when the road gets rough I just get out of the the saddle.

    Am I just being paranoid? Or can these things actually run reliably? It also appears that the gas mileage has gone up quite a bit. I seem to be using about three quarters of the fuel I was using on my last build. So even with the more expensive gas its costing me less than the last engine I used before.

    When you get your bike "dialed in" who long before it goes south? I am interested.

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    yes the lite blub is brightest before it burns out! hope yours keeps going Mine has 2000miles on it and still going this year frist start no start muffler pluged and I went up one slot on carb neddle bike was running great! I ask myself the same thing from time to time How long before it blows!
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    hotter plug

    yes I have been using the nkg plug, but its now about two years old and I don't know how long they last either.I set the gap at 28 thousands.

    still seems to be going at a good clip. I don't have a clue why is doing better than it was before. It likes to idle at 1200 RPM, but seems to get rough after I get above 3200 I have a tachometer but no speedometer.

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    How laong has it been since you cleaned your carb. You could get away with a quick fix by dropping the carb bowl and pulling out the jets.
    Clean um put them back and dont worry about it.
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    arrrrgh! the old "its running great" trick...

    invest in a replacement quick before it does die!

    iunno. its the wierd thing with these engines...

    i take off cold. runs great. half way to work, its lagging...lagging... then fine again.

    take off from work...runs like a pos! lagging lagging, stop at shops...take off for home and it runs fine the whole way!

    etc etc with variations on the theme of "running great" to "barely getting up a 1in1000 slope"...

    2500km with some serious mods, the pistons spotless to the point of being scary, no cylinder scoring, only blows a little bit of smoke on startup and im running 20:1, winding it out to 8000rpm, and yes...sometimes it hauls, sometimes its a slug...

    beats da pants offa me!

    enjoy it while it lasts? :D