Workman Cycles not gas friendly

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by RusticoRay, Jun 15, 2009.

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    I ordered a 77a wheel for my workman a while back and love my workman bike alot. I put a EZ Motorke kit on it belt drive and recently I purchased a chrome tank at whizzer for it. I noticed the chain guard had a workman sticker that would be perfect for both sides of my tank. So I call Wayne at Workman Cycles and ask if I could purchase a couple of decals for my gas tank. He said if its for your GAS tank I wont sell you them. Told me that workman doesnt like the idea of motorizing of there industrial bikes. I was courteous on the phone but I was upset. Even more after reading about electric hub being on there forum pages. He made it sound like its been a standing policy at Workman. He didnt say anything when I ordered the 77a wheel and told him about I need the drum brake for my motored bike. Sorry had to vent a little.

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    looks very nice. im very interested in the belt system. worksman is an old line co.. they supply bikes and trikes to business's like boeing and shipyards. they used to put the old worn ones up for resale but they dont do it any longer for insurance reasons. its might be the same with motors. have a friend call for more decals. please speak about the belt drive. good luck.
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    Maybe they make a good bike. But I can't think of any practical reason for them to deny your request.

    Maybe fear that their logo on a tank would give the impression that they actually motor their bikes? Seems like a stretch.

    I'm more likely to think that you're experiencing that same snottiness that we sometimes get from the LBSs. That would be enough to make me take my business somewhere else.
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    That is one fine looking machine you have there. Just tell the you are working on restoring an older one and want new decals for it. That might work
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    That would be enough for me to write a letter about how loyal you have remained to their product line and remove thier decal... Before and after pics included!

    You'd be able to make a quick stencil and airbrush something relatively fast. Just an idea.
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    Have to say... that is one good looking ride and heavy duty as well!

    Nice choice on the bicycle!
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    Sheep Dog's Gas Powered Worksman

    I got new decals and a headbadge for $15.00 after powdercoating my frame after my modifications. However, I was a recent customer and records of my order were still on hand. I do wish Worksman was more receptive to gas powered versions of their product. Their product is perfect for our needs. My only request left of them is to build a larger frame. I'm tall, I'd love to have a 24 inch frame. Check out the link to see pics.