Workman INB Project

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    About a month ago a fella in my town into mopeds and other motorcycles showed me a bicycle he just picked up. It had a 3.5 hp tucumsha power stroke motor on it. The motor on the right side hung way out and the exhaust was shackled together with some copper tubing and chain binders. The bike was a Workman Industrial Cycle with 2.125 wheels and 11ga. spokes I hadnt seen a bike so heavy duty. The thing that really caught my eye was the motor mount all alluminum and heavy gauge at that. The bike was belt driven with a centrifical clutch and the mount allowed at least 3/4 of an inch adjustment sweet. I purchased the bike after I took it for a ride with the intention of using the motor on a go cart for the neighborhood. Which screamed around the block this past weekend. Anyway I reinforced the chain stay and top stay with a weld here and there. The person who put this together origianally cut both to make room for the belt drive he also cut the bottom bar on the bike to fit large motor. I used a EZ Motorbike kit and did a few more cuts and aligning of mount and I like the bike much more than my 2008 NE-5 Whizzer. As a matter of fact I started stealling pieces of it for the added chrome, bike rack for one. Some before and after transformation pictures.

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    That looks sweet! I'm very jealous of your ride!
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    i like that, i have an old workman out back and i have the old finned motor with centrifical (whatever) clutch, as soon as i finish my current ride i'll look into it. great job!

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    Super, That Is An Americam Made Motor Mount!! It Came With The Bicycle ?!? Was Glad To See It Stay With The Bike. Very Nice. It reminds me of my first moto bike 59 yrs ago. We used a 3/4 hp b&s. motor, offset like that so the pulleys would line up. Direct drive with a whizzer wheel sheave ($3.25). it had no brakes, no pedals and no throttle. It ran full throttle, just hold dn on the kill button on the cowl to slow down or stop. Fill up the tank $.04, it was built into the bottom of engine. lots of fun. Ron
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    Nice looking bike Ray.
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    Great MB! How is the engine mount with vibes, Ray? Is really cleaver and universal.
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    nice job on the transformation !!!
    good looking build Ray :cool2:
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    WOW!!! Worksmancycles i have one too! been having big headaches with the midle tube.

    Great build, the before looks dangerous, you did a very good job re-shaping this bike Congrats
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    Lots of looks

    Rode the EZ Motorbike to Leominster Ma. about 45miles round trip to go to a graduation party for my niece. Got road blocked so I decided to park the bike and get a quick bite to eat. I guess I parked it next to a line of classics not noticing that fact at all. Tons of people thought it was part of the event. I just stood in the backround having my eats.

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    Very cool Ray.
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    I love the fish tail on the exhaust. Great build!