Chain Tensioner worksman and chain tensioner

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    Ive gat a worksman newsboy. i mounted the motor 3/4" further forward by inserting a block on the rear motor mount and using slightly (1/4") longer mounting screws (rods?) /
    the motor chain sits about 1/4" to the outside of the back tire.
    The problem is that the chain tensioner has to lean inward at 12 degree angle to contact the chain and this eventually fails when the chain force causes the tensioner to rotate inward and throw the chain or hit the spokes
    my camera is on the fritz THIS IS NOT MY BIKE but my chain setup is similar to this one: (thanks Lynn):grin5:

    any suggestions? IM sooooo close

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    Have you considered using the tensioner on the pedal chain side? That way the engine drive chain is a straight shot.