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Has anybody put a frame mounted engine on a Worksman bicycle? I was wondering how well they fit.
Tight Fit

Hi one of my friends and fellow bike enthusiast in SOCAL Larry, built an older worksman into a SpitFire powered bike, the fit is very close, and the bike is top quality. I MAY have a pic of it somewhere.

I've never built or ridden one, but isn't that an awful heavy frame for such a little engine? I've seen those pic.s but i've wondered about the power to weight ratio...
They are over built, (so their ads read). A heavy frame will affect performance, but more important to speed and acceleration is the rotating weight. Alloy wheels can help performance quite a bit.
After 4000 miles of the vilest road surfaces ever dignified the term by man, I will not EVER use alloy wheels on a motored bike again. This is merely a personal preference, but I'd recommend steel hoops with .125" stainless spokes.
Well I tried to get to your yahoo group but failed several times. I finally gave up in frustration. Thanks for your effort though. Maybe I'll try again later, maybe I can get my kid to help me.
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This is just my opinion, but the heavy rigid construction of the Worksman I think would be invaluable. We had hundreds of them in the Shipyard I worked for years ago and they were indestructible. I know with my late Schwinn the frame is light and the bike vibrates a lot. I think it would help if the frame were more solid. The weight I don't think it would be a factor, unless you are using a small engine. And the larger spokes, made to be abused. Mike said the one on the left is the Worksman. Have fun, Dave
PS: I think they are good looking also.
Has anybody put a frame mounted engine on a Worksman bicycle? I was wondering how well they fit.


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