Worksman Cycles Cruiser...anyone have one?


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Jan 11, 2008
They are a heavy duty bike. However, the design limits the amount of space available inside the frame... It may be tricky to mount a happy time engine there.


May 17, 2010

i happen to like the bike:

a. heavy duty (hd) frame
b. hd wheels/spokes
c. hd drum front brake

if you can get one cheap, go for it.

Some stlyes of trikes look good. most have an old era gone by look

as for the bikes, check clearances as they do have the double top bar. (i do think there is one worksman on this site btw)



Nov 4, 2009
Hi Spicy, I have the larger Worksman Cruiser. Finishing up the lighting system but have around 100 miles on bike. Titan 50 w/ BMP Friction drive. Expensive, but I ordered it with Springer fork and HD tires & tubes. Got the smaller chain ring too. That enhances the bike for mb'ing IMO. Fully lugged frame and those HD wheels make it ride and handle like a small motorcycle. The Felt cruisers have similar components but look much better. The paint job on my Worksman is nothing special. The rear hub/coaster brake is Shimano c-110. Most other components are Wald. Got the large seat which is made in Taiwan. I'll try to answer any ?'s you have.


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Nov 6, 2007
Well I can vouch for the wheels! I replaced the wheels on my Whizzer with Worksman drum brake wheels both front and rear. They are sweet! They are so sturdy it changed the whole feel of the Whizzer. They are like motorcycle wheels. I got 8ga spokes on mine. I highly recommend these wheels. The drum brakes did take a few miles to seat in but now they can throw me over the handle bars if I'm not careful.




I bought a Worksman direct a couple years back.

Delivery time was long (2 months). Bike was okay for the money, certainly built a lot stronger than department store stuff. The main problem I had was that the 20" frame was way too small for me to be comfortable on, so I cut the frame up and used the parts for a custom frame I made. The front drum brake was non-functional as delivered and never worked real well.

If you get a new one, take it all apart and make sure it's greased and oiled everywhere it should be.

Someone else later asked if a China 2-stroke engine would fit. I did not know because I didn't use that kind of engine kit, but I measured what was left of the frame.

Note that I bought one of the industrial bikes. They used to have them listed with the others on their "recreational bikes" page, but now they do not.

The "Atlantic Coast Cruisers" are cheaper and lighter, are NOT made by Worksman, and do NOT use the same heavy-duty frames that the industrial bikes have. Buy the industrial bike if you want the real deal.


Overall I have mixed feelings about the Worksmans.
As project bikes they are great.
As ready-to-ride consumer products, they don't compare nearly so well. A $300 bike from a real bike shop wouldn't be as heavy-duty, but would probably work and fit better.
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Aug 8, 2010
my buddy has an old workman frame...nice strong a rock...the diameter of the tubes are smaller than the clamp style motor mounts.....he was constantly rattling loose or snaping studs... i have an old hawthorn that I like more than the workman its just as heavy duty, but the tude diameter is larger.....I also have a new 7speed pacific cruiser frame...I have welded plates as motor mounts....havent had a rattling motor...


Jun 3, 2008
ive got one.
i love it, theyre built like tanks and you cant beat he wheels. b/c i live about 40 miles from the factory, i picked mine up there. they are a good company to deal with and have helped me out on more than one occasion with technical questions (downtube size, etc). they weigh about 5o lbs w/o the motor. if thats not a problem for you, i reccomend them
i just finished installing a sbp shift kit. i aggree, it is a little tricky to fit everything in under the double tube, but it is possible.
feel free to PM me if you get stuck


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Dec 1, 2006
There is one at a local junk vendor near me ,, N. Central Florida ,, for sale for $100, if anyone is interested.