Worksman Drum brakes Wheels for sale or trade

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    DSC_0011.jpg DSC_0012.jpg DSC04972.jpg DSC04973.jpg DSC04974.jpg --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    I have:1) Worksman front drums $30 shipped
    2) Front 20" wheels 11guage complete with front drum.With or without solid tire $55 shipped they are heavy!
    3 Front(or rear) rims 24" or 26" you can buy (not from me) a front hub kit or relace with any hub the drums I'm selling will lace into these rims.$30each or a set for $55 shipped
    4) 2 rims and a front drum $75 shipped
    5) Complete set of Worksmans 26" front and back coaster brake wheels with tubes and tires $165 shipped.I can swap in a $30 rim for the front rim and add drum that you will have to lace $175 complete set with drum
    6)20" rims and spokes $20 shipped

    All wheels have 11 gauge spokes These products are New and Worksman.

    I only take Postal Money orders and I ship that day or early next morning after recieving money order.I have sold to many members this way.

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  2. unoocho

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    Worksman wheels

    I am interested in a set of wheels.
  3. THenry54

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    Need a front hub if you still have them. Tom
  4. MotoMagz

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    Sorry Tom...All gone Sold!