Worksman frame dimensions question:

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by RedBaronX, Jan 28, 2011.

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    I'm brainstorming ideas for the next bike, which will be a worksman from Pirate Cycles. I'm going to wire it for lights, so I will need a battery box.

    So QUESTION: What is the height of the empty space between the two parallel top bars on a Worksman? There is an ammo box I found online that is big enough for my battery, so now I just need to know if it would fit between those top bars. The battery itself I know is plenty small enough to fit between the bars.

    I know that the bars are not completely parallel, and obviously get even narrower towards the down tube, but the ammo box isn't very LONG...

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  3. RedBaronX

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    I was just hoping someone who owns a worksman would see my post and just go measure :)
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    I'll get right on it...

    OK the space between the two top bars on my tall person's industrial cruiser is 3.5" x 21.5" .
    12" x 18.5" x 18" is the dimensions underneath. Let me know what you've got planned, or started as I'm looking to motorize my Worksman, too.
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    I am going to fit the bike with lights-- turn signals, brake light, head light etc. I figured the space between the two top bars would be a good place to mount a battery box if it's big enough. The battery I have will fit, but not the box I had in mind. :(

    The battery has nothing else to do with motorizing-- just the lights system.

    I will just keep looking for a different box.