Worksman I N B with Grubee engine Daily driver

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    Been running in my new Worksman I N B bike, the ride is very solid, no frame flex. The P K engine is starting to run in, and torque is up. The frame is 20" [ a bit tall for me { 5' 8" } ] the rider position is excellent, Columbia Cruiser bars and stem fit the Worksman Fork, A Sunliner 3 spring saddle makes for a comfortable ride, A MASSLOAD centerstand supports the bike, if you've got a heavy bike, * this * is the stand to get !
    Pirate Cycle Hub / 48 t sprocket # 415 trike chain on both sides, flatten the hills Throttle is a BikeBerry Accelerator grip retainer, and King's Motorsport Grips and tube.

    Hardest part, fitting the Caliper Brakes . Worksman
    drills 90 degrees off for fender mounts. Brazed 1/8 "
    strapping to rear, also beefed up kickstand plate,
    Fork got rag joint segments brazed to hold caliper.

    Next build will have V brakes

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    Man, that bike has style!

    Good job.