Worksman Newsboy 80cc P K Engine Caliper Brakes

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    Recently got my Worksman Ind. Newsboy Bike going,
    The bike has many virtues, and vices. It handles great, very confidence inspiring. The 20" Frame is a tad tall, but the ride is teriffic. The little front sprocket [ engine Clearance ] and larger than normal rear sprocket make for easy pedaling, but you must pump like mad when helping the motor on steep hills .

    The Caliper Brakes were a heartache, had to add gussets for both front and rear calipers.

    The overall fit and finish were fair at best. The Chainguard has frosty chrome, the wheels were less than true, and had numerous toolmarks. Accessory Chrome was much better looking.

    What Frosts me [ no pun intended ] is my Huffy China Girl Beach Cruiser only cost $ 100 and had sparking chrome, and flawless paint, my $500 American made Industrial Icon looks shabby
    from when I opened the box. I added metal to span the open rear stays [ wanted that ' clean ' look] but got uninspired when the second Top Tube didn't have Lugs like the top one. If I had known this, I would have mailed them a pair of lugs with my check.
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