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    So here if the plan. I joined the forum to get some insight on motorizing this Worksman 26". I have searched the forum and have not been able to find any post that used a rear and front drum brake on their builds (I've seen a few Worksman coaster brake). I would really like to utilize the rear drum with a chain drive motor. Any advise on how to utilize the rear drum? Also I didn't want to alter the frame but the area under the lower crossbar seems too small for any of the motors that I have seen so far. Any suggestions?


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    Cat, heres is my idea..I am wanting to do the same thing. I have a GC160 Honda, a Comet clone torque convertor, and I am cinsidering extending the output shaft on the Comet ti facilitate a right side sprocket to drive the machine from the right side. either to the rear wheel sprocket, or possibly thru a double freewheel sprocket on the pedal crank. I Ordered the built up worksman wheels w brakes 2 weeks ago and still dont have them(from worksman) so I am stalled untill they get here..but I thought I would reply because I am also interested in what ideas are out there for this combination.
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    The kit supplied rear sprocket will fit coaster brake rear wheels. It bolted right up to my Shimano coaster after I removed the torque arm to place it between the sprocket and frame. A little grinding on the dust cover may be required on some other brands of coasters and there are posts on the site to show how it is done.
    Rear, hand operated drum brakes present a problem with rear motor sprockets. If you want to use a rear drum brake with a frame mounted engine, plan on using a jackshaft/shift kit or rig a belt drive and sheave. You could also use friction drive with the rear drum. Good luck.
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