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    This does not belong to me. it is a three- wheeled ice cream vendor
    bicycle that sold for $1400.00 new. I can not get over the strength and
    of those two front rims and tires. It looks like you could mount a car motor
    and transmission on that trike. It is on craiglist in Indiana under the city Indianapolis , on first page of bikes listed. He is asking $395.00 and is very interested in getting it out of his garage.

  2. Man. That is a STEAL. I'll second to the strength of a Worksman. Mine is 8 Ben Franklins new.
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  4. That would sell FAST. I would go with a rack mount and use it for it's intentions.
    In fact,I have thought about the ice cream business as a part time endeavor.
    Imagine me riding down the bike trails on my Buggy Bike selling Gatorade and popsicles to tired roadies. That would rule.
    Burritos is another endeavor. You just need a cooler thing for that.
    Sign would say "Burritos! YELL LOUDLY if you want one!"
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    I would bet that they don't build them like this anymore.
    It doesn't say when purchased but I would hate to imagine
    what a factory job like that one would cost now days