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    I am new to this cool thing see "introduce yourself" thread. I have a Worksman industrial tricycle and need to mount a 4 stroke motor on it for a customer, has anyone completed this task before? I need some help getting started like a parts list or some direction for the tricycle. I am going to order two cruiser style bikes and two 2 stroke motor kits for them. I am looking at a Raw 80 and a Grubee Sky Hawk GT5. Does this sound like the right direction for the bicycles? Also I would like to use a 4 stroke for the tricycle, money is not a problem, and he wants me to use the best parts available. I can weld and fabricate just about any thing I need, but am not sure where to start. I am going to install the motor kits on the bicycles first and I hope that will give me some idea of how to make the tricycle work. I know there in not an out of the box kit to install a motor for tricycles like bicycles, but if anyone knows what parts are needed please let me know. Please any info would be helpful to me, thanks in advance for your help. You can contact me via pm, email, or cell phone.

    Chip Taylor
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    Which Worksman trike model?

    One member here has motorized one, Large Filipino. He did so by front rack mounting the engine, and installing a driven sprocket on the front hub. That's one approach, and it seems to work well for him, especially in that it leaves the rear cargo deck unobstructed and in no wise complicates the pedal drive train. There are other approaches.

    Let us know what model the trike is, and consider what the customers desires are - does he want load carrying capacity? Low end torque for starts from a dead stop? What does he need/want from it?

    Desires and needs drive the choices of what system options you employ, so having those clearly delineated would help a whole lot.

    edit: Also, I note that your area code puts you in the New Orleans area, so I'll assume the customer is as well. Which means essentially dead flat ground for riding - that itself affects the choices you might make. There are legal constraints on motored bicycles in Louisiana which need consideration as well.

    Look in the Trikes section here on the board, and look around - there have been quite a few trikes discussed herein. Feel free to PM me if you wish.
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    hi cobra GT,

    If you want the best and your client has the money then i am sure one of these will fit the bill, make for a very nice clean install

    kits are for available for (or can be modified) to fit trikes !!!!!! check out these links.....

    and heres another page full of trike kits.

    The GEBE drive can also be fitted to those trikes,

    Get into the motorized trike section and it will fill your head full or ideas, theres plenty of good info to look threw, when i first showed up some old friends told me, to and read some more, it certainly has helped and its amazing what you can remember about stuff you enjoy doing, me i cant even remember i left my wallet and keys 2 minutes where did i put those kids (screaming in the background :ack2:)

    Goodluck VP...
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    Great thread references VP!
    Cobra, I feel it neccessary to let you know that Bama is only with us in his posts. But his posts are a goldmine of info.
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    Thanks for the info, I want to mid engine mount the motor and chain drive to the rear. Yes it’s flat here and load capacity is not an issue. I will get the model Monday, as I have a big pour set up at his house for then. Thanks again.

    Just from my memory I think it is a Worksman Mover Industrial, it has the box on the back and a basket on the front. It is a pretty stout unit, I just think rear wheel drive is the way to go with the live axel set up
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    Thanks for the links Stan, I thought I was dead set on mid engine mount and rear axel drive but the front motor mount is an idea I will consider. It does leave a lot of room in the rear for cargo. Thanks again.
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    When mounting rear drive on a trike one other thing to consider is what I call tire hop. One wheel is diven the other is not. When going into a sharp turn toward the drive wheel it will tend to hop or spin as its speed is reduced in the turn but the drive does not reduce it.
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    Man thanks a lot for the links, I am considering front wheel mount and drive after seeing the way bamabikeguy has the Gebe drive rigged up. I need to read, read, and read. I will keep ya'll posted on progress. I will try to get some pics and the model of the trike Monday. Thanks again fellas I really appreciate it and look forward to getting into this cool hobby. Peace.
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    You just think it is a cool hobby now.....later you will change your mind. I did. It is AWESOME!
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    That issue is pretty straightfoward to deal with. Split the axle into two half-axles, and put a free wheel capable sprocket on the inboard end of each. Just forward of that mount a "mid-drive", which can be simply a jackshaft, or can be a muti-speed internally geared hub. In line with each of your inboard free wheel sprockets on the half-axles, mount sprockets on the mid-drive (jackshaft or hub, either one). This will allow power (either pedal or engine) to be transferred to each half-axle, but if the bike is rolling faster on one wheel than the other, as in cornering, the free wheel sprocket spins on the axle on that side. I call this a poor man's differential, as it in effect is a differential.

    Lovely part is, if the mid-drive is a multi-speed hub, a primary jackshaft just forward of it can be used to combine both the pedal and power side inputs, giving you the full range of gearing either pedalling or under power. However, I would NOT reccomend you use a more tha 7 speed internally geared hub for this, as the more gears there are in a hub the tighter the internal tolerances become and the thinner each gear is made - strength of materials can become an issue. Not mainly because of engine torque, but rather because of transmitted vibration along the chain loop, which increase metal fatique and shortens hub life.

    I know this works, as it is what I have - an HT engine driving a jackshaft to which the pedal crank loop runs, then the output of that goes to a Shimano 3 speed internally geared hub with ring sprockets mounted to the spoke flanges in line with free wheel capable sprockets on the inboard ends of the half axles.

    One of these days I need to get a camera.
  12. Stan4d

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    All sounds great....I am sure you have done it and have no doubt it works....but I think you left out one modification....the trikes I have come across have one freewheel in back and the hub needs to be fitted to the axel to achieve what you did. Again no doubt that you did it and it sounds like it will work perfectly. How did you modify the free wheel?
    I ask because I have a schwin meridan trike I plan to convert sometime.
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    So awesome passing the gas pumps at over 3 bucks a gallon in my area !!!! I love my GEBE setup. (my disabled son is even considering a Tanaka 32 cc on the front of his trike)

    With a front wheel setup, you dont have to mess with the chain and just purchase the new front wheel with the ring installed. Installation time will be very minimal. Contact Dennise and Julia for more info.
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  14. SimpleSimon

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    Pretty simple. I loosened the axle clamps (which prevent it from moving sise to side), slid the axle out, sawed it in half and paid a machine shop to cut keyways in both ends of the left side half axle. Purchased two identical Sun Bikes freewheel sprockets, slid them on the axle inboard ends with stop collars, and there it was.

    The output sprockets to fit the spoke flanges of the Shimano free wheel hub are fixed, and the pedal side and output sprockets of the forward jackshaft are fixed as well - the input sprocket to the jackshaft on the engine side is free wheeling when the engine is off. I have to pull start the engine, but that's not a big deal - although the quality of the pull starter I managed to get is abysmal, and I expect to need to replace it soon.