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This is the section for whatever you have to say that's not about bikes, right? I sure hope so. This is a story from about a year ago and I don't have this job any more but I still laugh when I read it. Here it goes...


When i'm the on 'late Dairy' shift at the big ol' grocery store I can sorta do whatever I want in whatever order I want. When its busy I like to be out on the floor because everywhere you look there are hot chicks that can't find the sour cream. I know where the sour cream is. Hot chicks need me, if only for 3 seconds, I have their undivided attention. Its awesome.

Then I go to the back room and work the milk which is cool, about 34 degrees. Also cool cause I can see the hot chicks but they can't see me seeing them. Wow i'm a creep.

Tonight the most wonderful thing that could possibly happen while working in a grocery store HAPPENED. A very good friend that I had lost touch with when she went to join the Army appeared.

She is gorgeous! I hardly recognized her because her hair is much longer and she lost a lot of weight. I got a big hug before I could even say hello. Totally warm reception after being out of touch for nearly 4 years.

She's back in town, newly divorced from her pothead husband (my former dealer, i'm 2 years drug free) newly honorably discharged from the Army for shin splints or some s#!t. She lives alone and close by. Digits were exchanged in haste. As we parted she shot a look that melted me like... umm, sour cream or something. Yummy!!!

Today didn't suck. I'm going to call her and try to get a lunch date for tomorrow.


P.S. A year later...
It went pretty well with this woman for a while, but it turns out she hadn't quit smoking the pot. I decided i'm too old to be stoned all the time like I was as a kid so it didn't work with her. But it was fun for a minute.


Guess how drunk we got that night...

As the sands of time of wheels of destiny continue to turn, stories of life and love and work and life continue to be written. Feel free to use this space to tell your story here or tell me what an idiot I am.

Matt in CO



It always neat to see the Law of Attraction at work.
I don't quite understand the not smoking, yet still drinking stance. But that is the perspective I have on my life, not yours. I too packed my pipes away and left that big ol jug of homemade hard cider sitting alone in the basement.

I was talking to a few guys (at work) about that quote you've got as your signature on Saturday while we were having an alternative/sustainable energy conversation.


yeah, what davidsis said! :eek: hehe I've been seeing a girl since this past April, doesn't sound like long to anyone else, but it is to me.......... here's a picture of her and I at Prom in 2006 before we both graduated. We plan to move in together this summer, and I can't wait til that day to get her out of her Hell-hole of a place to live in, mostly because of the way her dad is (also a drug dealer and a complete A$$H*LE) and I can't wait to get outta my "home" (another hell-hole) because my mom wants to control my life... F*ck THAT!!! but anyway... i'm just ramblin now... haha, and my mom doesn't like my g/f... but thats bher own problem haha.... sorry, it's just me and my mom don't get along that well.... but anyway...


and just to ramble on s'more, when i was 8 yrs old, I was riding my bike and I ended up gettin in an "accident" with it and i had to get a kidney removed... not one of my greatest moments... but hey, it was the good 'ole days.....



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That sounds like a big deal. Must have ben a bad bike accident. Mom probably does not like your girlfriend because she will not be able to tell you what to do around her.