World Climate Scam !!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by robin bird, Oct 22, 2009.

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    It's all about control, has nothing to do with saving the planet.
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    Governments have the ability to look at the fact that climate has changed in cycles for millions of years (Ice Ages and Warm Eras) and be able to say:

    "We (the government) are so powerful we can CONTROL the weather." seems that arrogance and government tend to go together. :devil:
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    yeah the whole climate change thing is pretty arrogant. Its amazing that these scientists actually think they have the power to change the planet in any signifigant, permanet way... climate or anyting else.

    It is all about power... its the communist party's attempt to grab power in America.
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    Read your consitution.

    Treaty agreements are meaningless and void unless ratified by the Senate, so Obama or his representatibe signing off on any such treaty is of no real significance - unless the Senate ratifies it.

    Just like when veep Albertina Gorey signed in Kyoto.
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    I could ramble about this Climat change aka Global warming BS all day along, but getting into politics is a no no on this board and rightfully so.

    Did you notice the polititians changed "Global Warming" to "Climat Change" , since there is no evidence of any global warming in fact we experience more like "Global Cooling" lately, more and more people realizing it.

    Using term "Climat Change" gives them more leaway promoting their "scientific" bs and lies, since "Climat" is nothing else than "Weather" referring to a longer time frame.

    Of course weather changes every hr, day, week etc so is Climat.
    It always has and it always will.

    Climat Change is another PC BS just like "Rain Forest" for me it was, is and always will be a "Jungle" LOL.

    "Rain Forest" confuses me since I live in sticks and forested woods, so do I live in "Rainforest" ? Or I live in "Rainforest" only when it rains?

    Have a good one my friends.
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    hahahahaha that man in the video is a genius, very literate and sophisticated

    Obama seemed like such a good candidate back when he was running, but things are changing all too fast

    As to global warming, it may be a problem, it may not, but fossil fuels will be the downfall of America as we know it if we don't switch to domestic energy sources that are infinite by nature.

    If OPEC got mad at us right now, we would run for about a month, before grinding to a halt with only a tiny fraction of the oil inflow we had before
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    Look folks, quit allowing yourselves to be turned on and off by catch phrases. "Communism", "it's all about control", etc.
    (For that matter, we already dance like puppets on a string at the hands of private interests. Why would you fear government? At least we have some chance at controlling them. That is if we turn off the TV and start thinking about things that matter. Anyway, we are already controlled.)

    It doesn't even matter if global warming is real or not. For the last century or so we've been polluting this planet to the point that the future is in real doubt. Quit hating on the people who are trying to convince us to stop it. After all, they are trying to improve the future for YOUR children and grandchildren. Grow up and show a little gratitude. Even better, help out.
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    Oh.... catch phrases like "CHANGE we can believe in" or " bob the builder YES WE CAN!"

    Wasn't it just mentioned in another thread that your state limits motorized bikes to one horsepower? What do you think the chances are that the government (which you don't fear) will loosen up that ridiculous restriction?

    Please don't think that people who don't fall for the global warming/climate change hoax want to pollute the planet. Nobody want to **** where they sleep. We aren't "haters" just because we don't fall for the same propaganda that you do, so why don't you "grow up a little" yourself and be a good lib and be tolerant of others that don't think exactly like you. :)

    I personally recycle, drive fuel efficient transportation when possible (MB's, motorcyles, econo-box cars) to conserve resources and reduce pollution. I don't need a hoax like "global warming" to persuade me to do the right thing.
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    Here's the next big thing to blow! Check out my last post

    If your not signed up, ask Tom or one of the Mods to let you into the Combustion Chamber... Not for kids!

    On topic: The dammage we are doing to the Oceans is serious... There are literally islands of garbage floating arround out there... I find it scandalous that our Comander and Chief appologize for our consumption as a Nation while other Countries use the Oceans as a garbage pit!