Clutch worn clutch lever

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Minnesota Hyena, Jun 12, 2008.

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  1. is it normal for clutch arm to ware out as you use it?
    am i suppose to buy new clutch arms every time?
    i think my clutch arm lasted about for 6 month.
    is there any way to prevent clutch arm from waring off.
    anyone have better suggestion?

  2. any answers yet?
    do you all just change to new ones as they ware off?
  3. The clutch arm on the engine? If you keep it greased I wouldnt see why it would wear out...
  4. really? i greased it, but still it wore out to the point i had to get new one.
    i think the design has a flaw.
  5. Hyena

    Any chance for a picture?
    I would like to see the wear.



  6. Yea me too. I would like to see where the wear point is. Then might have some idea of problem.....
  7. 678.JPG
    i don't have photo
    but i drew that .
    can you see the problem?
  8. I would take a look at the end of clutch rod to see if it looks ok. Also grease the rod, and the ball in front of it. Also where the clutch cable adjustment screws into the engine under the carby, unscrew that and put some grease in there...
  9. ok thx
    to think of it i think i had the ball missing in front of the shaft lol.
    thanks for the info dude.
    man i think i 'm too stupid.
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  10. If the ball was missing, your clutch wouldnt work at all the rod wouldnt be long enough....The ball goes in the hole first, followed by the rod. Sometimes its hard to get the ball out I use a magnetic pickup tool.
  11. o really? then that's wierd. probably i needed more grease