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    I bought this new bike so i could motorize it..they didnt have the bike without red rims...i wanted the wheels silver..the wheels have 66 spokes...it took me probably almost 2 hours just to tape up the spokes with masking tape to keep them black...not so bad...i painted the rims ...the paint made the tape hard and its now stuck on the spokes like glue...ive spent 2 hours so far and im 1/4 done

    any ideas ?? im using a razor blade on a handle also

    this was the worst idea....never again
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  2. butre

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    some kind of solvent might do the trick. I've had good luck softening spray paint with brake cleaner. Just be careful with the stuff, it'll soften any paint it touches.
  3. darwin

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    Heat gun.
  4. Rockjaw

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    ok thanks..ill try those.